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27 June 2008 @ 06:24 pm

I'm going to take 20 (or more, depending on how great the response is) interest icon requests.

Reply to the post with your number (1-20) as your subject. Please have interests listed in your profile!!
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22 June 2008 @ 09:26 pm
[58] Fashion icons

Since my last couple of posts were strictly bandom-related, I decided to try my hand at some fashion icons... and I guess I got a little carried away!

curiouslyiconicfashion18.png curiouslyiconic fashion (18).png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconicfashion35.png curiouslyiconic fashion (35).png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconicfashion17.png curiouslyiconic fashion (17).png image by curiouslyiconic

in the most unexpected places...Collapse )

****Textless icons are not bases; please don't edit them.
***Please credit the community, not the maker.
**Nominations are welcome!! Please comment if you nominate.
*Watch or join the community if you like these icons!

eta: taking interest icon requests over here!
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more bandom icons, o'course :] batch dedicated to missy who has been waiting for these for a while.

19- panic at the disco
3- gabe saporta
13- my chemical romance
3- fall out boy
6- pete wentz/ashlee simpson
1- hush sound [greta]
--45 total

curiouslyiconicmcr7.png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconicpatd12.png image by curiouslyiconic curiouslyiconiccs2.png image by curiouslyiconic


// Textless icons are not bases.
// Don't forget to credit & comment if you're taking!
// Any & all nominations are appreciated. Please comment if you nominate! =]
// Watch and/or join

include up to 5 [or so] GOOD QUALITY pictures and i'll make you icons.
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25 March 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Happy disco day to all Panic at the Disco fans! I was wandering through the epic post of bandom fangirly squeeing and I figured I'd use some of the pictures that everyone posted and make a few icons ;) Hope everyone enjoys them, and enjoy Pretty. Odd whenever you get it! (And if you haven't bought it yet -- GO. DO IT. GO, GO, GO.)

42 Panic at the Disco icons! (I had to throw an exclamation point in there somewhere)
all band members (I tend to make more of Bden and Ryro, though, for obvs. reasons. Plus some Ryden love.) 

discoday15.png image by loonylovegood_x discoday2.png image by loonylovegood_x discoday24.png image by loonylovegood_x

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23 February 2008 @ 05:57 pm
So this is the last batch of older icons that I've yet to upload. I really feel like I've improved so hopefully from here on out the icons will be much better.

**Basically, the newest ones are at the top, and the more you scroll the older the icons are. Just an FYI.

Under the cut:
12 Twilight
3 Zooey Deschanel
5 Gossip Girl
2 Emma Watson
17 Harry Potter actors; bases by cokeandmint
19 HP [CoS, GoF, OotP, and PoA] some bases by cokeandmint= 63 Total
+++Plus: 1 Draco/Ginny [Boyd Holbrook/Cintia Dicker] F/O Banner

twilight_curiouslyiconic.png image by loonylovegood_x lost_curiouslyiconic4.png image by loonylovegood_x emma_curiouslyiconic.png image by loonylovegood_x hpactors_curiouslyiconic15.png image by loonylovegood_x

// Textless icons are not bases.
// Don't forget to credit & comment if you're taking!
// Any & all nominations are appreciated. Please comment if you nominate! =]
// Watch and/or join!
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